The League’s Best

In this tab we will discuss the Major League’s best hitters, fielders, pitchers, teams and much much more…

The Leagues Best 2nd Baseman:
The second base position is evolving. You have to be able to hit for power, average, you need a strong arm and you must have range. Who in the league has all those attributes?
*(all based on the 2011 season and projection for 2012 season.)

1. Robinson Cano, New York Yankees
2011 Season: .302AVG/ 28HR/ 118RBI/ 104RUNS/ 8SB
Summary: He has the sweetest swing in the major leagues right now, definitely top 5 of all time. He knows how to hit and he has the smoothest fielding ability in the league. Why is he #1 over Kinsler? Not because he is a Yankee, everyone knows he would be just as good on any other team, but because he gets big hits and big RBIs in big games. He has a knack for getting on base an a knack for scoring runs. Definitely top 5 hitters in the league right now.
2012 Projection: .310AVG/ 25HR/ 110RBI/ 95RUNS/ 20SB

2. Ian Kinsler, Texas Rangers
2011 Season: .255AVG/ 32HR/ 77RBI/ 121RUNS/ 30SB
Summary: Definitely the safest bet for second place. He is a very good fielder with a very strong arm. He’s got a good eye at the plate but seems to be in a pitchers count every at bat because of his aggressiveness. He’s got great power, more power than Cano, but still lacks the average. Great speed and seems like he scores every time he gets on base. Look for a strong season in 2012 because he might need to carry the team.
2012 Projection: .260AVG/ 28HR/ 90RBI/ 115RUNS/ 25SB

3. Dustin Pedroia, Boston Red Sox
2011 Season: .307AVG/ 21HR/ 91RBI/ 103RUNS/ 26SB
Summary: Five feet, nine inches. I bet you have heard that so many times, but it’s true. His small stature packs a pretty huge punch. A great fielder, a great player, a great hitter and a great teammate.
2012 Projection: .300AVG/ 18HR/ 87RBI/ 95RUNS/ 20SB

4. Brandon Phillips, Cincinnati Reds
2011 Season: .300AVG/ 18HR/ 82RBI/ 94RUNS/ 14SB
Summary: Multiple Gold Gloves, and many more to come. He’s got power to all fields and he flies around the bases. He’s got one of the funkiest stances I have ever seen, but it works. He’s got a passion for the game and a passion for playing hard. He is the leader of that team and he will let everyone knows what he thinks. He plays like Orlando Hudson, and being a big fan of Orlando makes me a big fan of this guy. Look for a big big year from Brandon.
2012 Projection: .310AVG/ 25HR/ 90RBI/ 100RUNS/ 27SB

5. Chase Utley, Philadelphia Phillies
2011 Season: (103 Games) .259AVG/ 11HR/ 44RBI/ 54RUNS/ 14SB
Summary: You gotta love this guy. Utley is a professional, he is the definition of the term. He plays hard and he plays well whenever he gets in. Though I am a Mets fan, I do Respect this guy. You got to! He has earned it. Let’s hope he stays healthy in 2012. 
2012 Projection: (150 Games) .270AVG/ 28HR/ 86RBI/ 110RUNS/ 10SB

6. Neil Walker, Pittsburgh Pirates
2011 Season: .273AVG/ 12HR/ 83RBI/ 76RUNS/ 9SB
Summary: Simply put, he had a fantastic season last year. It was a very nice season to watch. He has got a great glove and the fans of Pittsburgh love that young nucleus they have growing. With players like Andrew McCutchen, James McDonald, Garrett Jones, and their closer Joel Hanrahan, look for above .500 seasons for the next few seasons.
2012 Projection: .280/ 19HR/ 86RBI/ 90RUNS/ 18SB

T7. Rickie Weeks, Milwaukee Brewers
2011 Season: (118 Games) .269AVG/ 20HR/ 49RBI/ 77RUNS/ 9SB
Summary: Hurt for part of last year, and really got nothing to work in the playoffs. He was 6 for 41 in the two playoff series against the Cardinals and the Diamondbacks. Definitely has raw power but the glove and the average need to get a tad it better. Look for the same type of season this year, and likely without Prince Fielder he will have a little bit more pressure on him to produce.
2012 Projection:(145 Games) .260AVG/ 25HR/ 80RBI/ 75RUNS/ 15SB

T7. Ben Zobrist, Tampa Bay Rays
2011 Season: .269AVG/ 20HR/ 91RBI/ 99RUNS/ 19SB
Summary: In my opinion, one of the most valuable players on any team in the league. He can play at every single position and he switch hits. He hits for power, average, he can field and he can throw. Definitely one of those players you want on your team.
2012 Projection: .280AVG/ 18HR/ 95RBI/ 106RUNS/ 27SB

8. Dan Uggla, Atlanta Braves
2011 Season: .233AVG/ 36HR/ 82RBI/ 88RUNS/ 1SB
Summary: If I made a list of the biggest arms in the league, He would be number 1. He has got so much raw power, but he really needs to get that average up and he needs to be better with the glove. He was under the Mendoza line for the beginning of last season. That rampage he went on brought a) the Braves to the playoff hunt, and b) his average up a lot. Though he ended the season at a .233 average, look for more quality at-bats and a higher average in 2012.
2012 Projection: .250AVG/ 28HR/ 86RBI/ 90RUNS/ 5SB

9. Howie Kendrick, Los Angeles Angels
2011 Season: .285AVG/ 18HR/ 63RBI/ 86RUNS/ 14SB
Summary: One of the most under-rated guys in the league. He goes out there and plays the game hard. In 2012 look for a big season because of the acquisition of Albert Pujols. In that entire lineup, Kendrick might benefit the most.
2012 Projection: .300AVG/ 20HR/ 70RBI/ 106RUNS/ 16SB

10. Danny Espinosa, Washington Nationals
2011 Season: .236AVG/ 21HR/ 66RBI/ 72RUNS/ 17SB
Summary: Plainly put, what an incredible rookie year. He got his name out there as a potentially great player. Though the average was low, he had big hits in big spots. Look for plenty more big hits and big home runs for many years to come.
2012 Projection: .250AVG/ 23HR/ 70RBI/ 82HR/ 12SB

The Leagues Best 1st Baseman:
Here is a list of the best 1st baseman in the league right now. All of the men on this list are perennial Gold Glovers, so, fielding is not a question. What this list is concerned with is hitting. Who, right now, is the best hitter at the position. Simple as that.

1. Albert Pujols, Los Angeles Angels
2011 Season:
.299AVG/ 37HR/ 99RBI/ 105R/ .366OBP/ .906OPS
Career: (11 seasons) .328AVG/ 445HR/ 1329RBI/ 1291R/ .420OBP/ 1.037OPS
Summary: He’s Albert Pujols, enough said. He had an “off-Pujols” year and still hit .300 with 37 home runs. He is the best hitter in the game of baseball right now and will be for the next 5 years guarenteed. Plus, with a new team, he could even have a better year in 2012. look for a normal Pujols year in 2012, .330AVG with 45HR and 150RBIs.

2. Miguel Cabrera, Detroit Tigers
2011 Season: .344AVG/ 30HR/ 105RBI/ 111R/ .448OBP/ 1.033OPS
(8 season) .317AVG/ 277HR/ 984RBI/ 852R/ .395OBP/ .950OPS
Is it still surprising that nobody talk about him? Sure, he has had some off the field issues but on the field he will hit over .330 with an OPS over one. absolutely incredible.

3. Prince Fielder, Free Agent
2011 Season: .299AVG/ 38HR/ 120RBI/ 95R/ .415OBP/ .981OPS
Career: (6 seasons) .282AVG/ 230HR/ 656RBI/ 571R/ .390OBP/ .929OPS
Summary: Easily the highest touted free agent this offseason. He is the full package, he hits for power and for average. He will possibly go to the Mariners or the Marlins, and who knows who else will make an offer. My opinion is that he is not going to be back in Milwaukee next season. Any place he goes he will easily change the shape of that divisional race.

4. Joey Votto, Cincinnatti Reds
2011 Season: .309AVG/ 29HR/ 103RBI/ 101R/ .416OBP/ .957OPS
Career: (5 seasons) .313AVG/ 119HR/ 401RBI/ 369R/ .405OBP/ .955OPS
Summary: 2010 MVP and one of the most consistent players in the league. Somewhat of a slow starter but will always pick it up just before the all-star break. He is a great fielder and has players in the lineup who he can always drive in. Very clutch and will put up great stats in 2012, again.

5. Adrian Gonzalez, Boston Red Sox
2011 Season:
.338AVG/ 27HR/ 117RBI/ 108R/ .410OBP/ .957OPS
(7 seasons) .293AVG/ 195HR/ 642RBI/ 596R/ .375OBP/ .889OPS
He had possibly one of the best 1st halves last year but slowed down in the second half. Overall he had a great season but with the Red Sox slump in the last month he was the main hitter to blame. He will always be a great hitter and a great fielder, but the season he had last year might not be in the cards for next season. This is why we love baseball, theres always a chance for someone to prove us wrong.

6. Ryan Howard, Philadelphia Phillies
2011 Season: .253AVG/ 33HR/ 116RBI/ 81R/ .346OBP/ .835OPS
Career: (7 seasons) .275AVG/ 286HR/ 864RBI/ 633R/ .368OBP/ .928OPS
Summary: He has been the most effective home run hitter in the league for the past few seasons, but the power numbers could go down because of the torn achilles he suffered in the last game of the season this year. Could be ready for spring training but his status is still up in the air.

7. Paul Konerko, Chicago White Sox
2011 Season: .300AVG/ 31HR/ 105RBI/ 69R/.388OBP/ .858OPS
Career: (14 seasons) .282AVG/ 396HR/ 1261RBI/ 1040R/ .358OBP/ .858OPS
Summary: Hall of Famer? I believe so. look at his stats. As of right now he has 396 homeruns, 364 doubles, and a .282 career average. Plus, he’s got a few years left. If Rockies 1st baseman, Todd Helton, gets voted in than so will Konerko. I guess we will just have to wait and see.

8. Mark Teixeira, New York Yankees
2011 Season: .248AVG/ 39HR/ 111RBI/ 90R/ .341OBP/ .835OPS
Career: (8 seasons) .281AVG/ 314HR/ 1017RBI/ 872R/ .373OBP/ .904OPS
Summary: The average has gone down over the past few seasons and the home runs have gone up, be thankful for that short porch in right field Mark. The Yankees have an amazing lineup and Girardi will keep him in the 3 hole for next season, look for incredible RBI stats next season.

9. Michael Morse, Washington Nationals
2011 Season:
.303AVG/ 31HR/ 95RBI/ 73R/ .360OBP/ .910OPS
(7 seasons) .296AVG/ 52HR/ 183RBI/ 146R/ .356OBP/ .855OPS
His 2011 season was very surprising to say the least. Look at his stats above if you need proof. He hit the hardest ball I have ever seen last season at Chase Field in Arizona, where he hit the scoreboard in center field. The lineup is getting better and with LaRoche healthy to start the year look for Morse to move to the outfield. He is on this list because he played the majority of last year at 1st base and did a darn good job.

10. Freddie Freeman, Atlanta Braves
2011 Season:
.282AVG/ 21HR/ 76RBI/ 67R/ .346OBP/ .795OPS
Career: (2 season) .277AVG/ 22/ 77RBI/ 70R/ .340OBP/ .784OPS
Summary: What a great year for Freeman last year! Check out his 2011 season stats above. The Atlanta Braves have a young core of players that will learn how to win for the next few seasons. With Jason Hayward in right, and Craig Kimbrel in the pen, they will be perennial wild card winners for years to come.

The Leagues Best Outfielders:
When you think of the best outfielders of all time, who do you think of? Willie Mays? Roberto Clemento? These men were the best in their eras… Here is the list of who is the best in ours. Hitting, fielding, importance to the lineup all come into consideration. (Based on past few seasons and career stats) If you were starting a team, which outfielders would you want?

1. Matt Kemp, Los Angeles Dodgers
2011 Season: .324AVG/ 195HITS/ 39HR/ 126RBI/ 115RUNS/ 40SB
Career Stats: .294AVG/ 840HITS/ 128HR/ 457RBI/ 464RUNS/ 144SB
Summary: He is the best athlete in the league and uses his 5 tools to perfection. He would have won the MVP if the Dodgers weren’t absolutely horrendous. Look for the same type of season from Matt in 2012.

2. Ryan Braun, Milwaukee Brewers
2011 Season: .332AVG/ 187HITS/ 33HR/ 111RBI/ 109 RUNS/ 33SB
Career Stats: .312AVG/ 898HITS/ 161HR/ 531RBI/ 506
Summary: Let’s hope that this PED situation goes away. He is gifted, pure, and absolutely amazing. He benefitted very well with Prince in his lineup, but competing without him could be pretty difficult. We will then know the true ability of Braun. Let’s hope he doesn’t have to serve that 50 game suspension.

3. Jose Bautista, Toronto Blue Jays
2011 Season: .302AVG/ 155HITS/ 43HR/ 103RBI/ 105RUNS/ 9SB
Career Stats: .254AVG/ 721HITS/ 156HR/ 438RBI/ 455RUNS/ 32SB
Summary: Something obviously clicked with Bautista. He has an incredible knack for the big play, whether its the long ball or a diving catch. He can play third and the outfield and he succeeds at both of them. His jump in home runs went from 13 in 113 games in 2009 to 54 home runs in ’10 and 43 in ’11. Don’t ever ever say that he took steroids, it’s the results of hard work and perseverance.

4. lchiro Suzuki, Seattle Mariners
2011 Season: .272AVG/ 184HITS / 5HR/ 47RBI/ 80RUNS/ 40SB
Career Stats: .326AVG/ 2428HITS / 95HR/ 605RBI/ 1127RUNS/ 423SB
Summary: So, he had an off-year in ’11. The Mariners had a terrible year in ’11 too. He is the leader of that team and the most consistent player, maybe in the history of baseball. A certain Hall of Famer. But let us not get to far ahead of ourselves. He still has a good 4-5 years left. Look out for 200 hits, for the 11th time.

5. Jacoby Elsbury, Boston Red Sox
2011 Season: .321AVG/ 212HITS (Led MLB)/ 32HR/ 105RBI/ 119RUNS/ 39SB
Career Stats: .301AVG/ 611HITS/ 52HR/ 235RBI/ 341RUNS/ 175SB
Summary: He slumped for the last month of the year, but don’t put the blame on him, the whole team did. He had an incredible year, home run after home run, and the average wasn’t to bad either. Don’t forget that he led the league in hits. He would have won the MVP if he had made the playoffs. He gives you great defense and he hustles. He will steal you a few bases too..

6. Curtis Granderson, New York Yankees
2011 Season: .262AVG/ 153HITS/ 41HR/ 119RBI/ 136RUNS/ 25SB
Career Stats: .267AVG/ 970HITS/ 167HR/ 485RBI/ 647RUNS/ 104SB
Summary: Excellent fielder, excellent baserunner, excellent teamate. This guy is a dream center fielder for any team. He has a low average, but he makes up for it in other facets in his game. An incredible power showcase in ’11 with home run after home run, give some credit to that short porch in right field at Yankee Stadium. Look for a .270AVG with around 30 home runs this year.

T7. Carlos Gonzalez, Colorado Rockies
2011 Season: .295AVG/ 142HITS/ 26HR/ 92RBI/ 92RUNS/ 20SB
Career Stats: .298AVG/ 491HITS/ 77HR/ 264RBI/ 287RUNS/ 66SB
Summary: He is a great athlete and one of the purest hitters in the league. I love that leg kick that he’s got. His swing is so easy and he hits that ball so hard. He is very consistent with his average and produces big innings for the Rockies. Welcoming Michael Cuddyer to the team helps him greatly and gives the Rockies have a shot to win the West. I said a shot, only if Carlos Gonzalez produces like he has.

T7. Josh Hamilton, Texas Rangers
2011 Season: .298AVG/ 145HITS/ 25HR/ 94RBI/ 80RUNS/ 8SB
Career Stats: .308AVG/ 698HITS/ 118HR/ 425RBI/ 368RUNS/ 36SB
Summary: An incredible athlete, an incredible player,but he gets hurt a bit too much. He means so much to that team but he isn’t as durable as you would like him to be. By no means does that diminish what he has done on the field. He is the ultimate 5-tool player. He’s got that cannon arm and he flicks the ball over the left center field wall. He’s amazing. Plain and simple. Let’s hope he can stay healthy next year.

9. Hunter Pence, Philadelphia Phillies
2011 Season: .314AVG/ 190HITS/ 22HR/ 97RBI/ 84RUNS/ 8SB
Career Stats: .292AVG/ 835HITS/ 114HR/ 412RBI/ 388RUNS/ 62SB
Summary: One word to describe Hunter Pence: Funky. He throws funky, he hits funky, he runs funky, but he gets the job done. It works, and it works well! He gets big hits and RBI hits when you need him too. That Phillies lineup is scary. Top to bottom. Let’s hope that Ryan Howard is healthy. If not, Pence will step up like he always has.

10. Andrew McCutchen, Pittsburgh Pirates
2011 Season: .259AVG/ 148HITS/ 23HR/ 89RBI/ 87RUNS/ 23SB
Career Stats: .276AVG/ 435HITS/ 51HR/ 199RBI/ 255RUNS/ 78SB
Summary: He is their leader, and their leadoff man. He will start the game off with a bang more times than not. Incredible speed and great power to the gaps. Don’t forget that he can run down any ball hi to his left or right. He is so much fun to watch and to follow. His love of the game makes it all worth it. Look out for the Pirates in 2012.

*Honorable Mention: Watch out for the emergence of Mike Stanton in the next couple of years.

The Leagues Best Catchers:
The norm in the majors is to have a catcher who can drive guys in and who can hit home runs, and not as defensive oriented anymore. Here is a list of the best backstops in the league, judging on their 2011 season and who who helps their team the most. Their hitting, fielding, and importance to the lineup all come into consideration here:

1. Yadier Molina, St. Louis Cardinals
2011 Season: .305AVG/ 14HR/ 65RBI/ 55RUNS/ .349OBP/ .814OPS
Summary: He played in 139 games this year and is the strongest defensive catcher in the league. His strong offensive season put him higher up on this list because of his importance to the lineup. He threw out 19 base stealers and had a fielding percentage of 99.5%. Without Albert Pujols next season he is going to have to step up and lead this team like he did throughout their World Series run.

2. Alex Avila, Detroit Tigers
2011 Season: .295AVG/ 19HR/ 82RBI/ 63RUNS/ .389OBP/ .895OPS
Summary: Definitely the most surprising season of all the catchers, he had a fantastic first half and was rewarded with a starting spot in the all-star game. He threw out 40 of 85 base runners and had a fielding percentage of 99.5%. He is emerging as one of the best catchers in the league and is rapidly growing as the cornerstone of this young, but talented, Detroit Tigers team.

3. Mike Napoli, Texas Rangers
2011 Season: .320AVG/ 30HR/ 75RBI/ 75RUNS/ .414OBP/ 1.046OPS
Summary: The pickup of Mike Napoli before the 2011 season was the defining moment that shaped the seasons AL West race. He changed games and ultimately changed the division. He had a fielding percentage of 99.6% and threw out 12 of 21 base stealers this season. Look for stronger defensive stats from him in 2012. He is 3rd on this list because he played 1st base for 35 of 96 games played this year for Napoli.

4. Brian McCann, Atlanta Braves
2011 Season: .270AVG/ 24HR/ 71RBI/ 51RUNS/ .351OBP/ .817OPS
Summary: Easily the key to the Braves with a slumping Jason Heyward and an aging Chipper Jones. He had a fielding percentage of 99.5%, threw out 29 of 104 base stealers and is the strongest offensive catcher in the National League right now.

5. Miguel Montero, Arizona Diamondbacks
2011 Season: .282AVG/ 18HR/ 86RBI/ 65RUNS/ .351OBP/ .820 OPS
Summary: Without Justin Upton’s run down the stretch, Montero would have probably won the Diamondbacks MVP award. He is emerging as the secod best hitting catcher in the NL, behind Brian McCann. Always a threat during any game and was an RBI machine over the last month of the season. He threw out 32 of 48 base runners. Watch out for Miguel Montero in 2012

6.Matt Wieters, Baltimore Orioles
2011 Season: .262AVG/ 22HR/ 68RBI/ 72RUNS/ .328OBP/ .778OPS
Summary: He threw out 34 of 58 base runners and is emerging as one of the best hitters in the American League. Look out for this kid for years to come.

7. Joe Mauer, Minnesota Twins
2011 Season: (82 Games) .287AVG/ 3HR/ 30RBI/ 38RUNS/ .368OBP/ .729OPS
Summary: He is Joe Mauer, enough said. He had an injury plagued 2011 season, and having to move to first and the outfield. But, he is Joe Mauer. He has proved himself time and time again. He is coming back healthy in 2012 and watch out for a normal Joe Mauer season, where he hits .350 and wins the batting title.

8. Wilson Ramos, Washington Nationals
2011 Season: .267AVG/ 15HR/ 52RBI/ 48RUNS/ .334OBP/ .779OPS
Summary: He is the best catcher that you don’t know about. This man can hit and he has one of the strongest arms I have ever seen in person. He will be very important over the next few years for the young and up and coming Nationals squad. He threw out 23 of 48 this year.

9. Buster Posey, San Francisco Giants
2011 Season: (45 GAMES) .284AVG/ 4HR/ 21RBI/ 17RUNS/ .368OBP/ .756OPS
Summary: Scott Cousins’ hit on Buster Posey was, in my opinion, a clean hit. Buster was covering the plate and it is Pete Rose type baseball, hard-nosed and tough. But, it did ruin the 2011 season of the young Buster Posey. He made such a difference in the World Series run in 2010 for the Giants and will make the difference for the Giants in 2012. I believe he will still be behind the plate for the Giants, but he might go over to 1st base for a few games. Look for stats comparable to Yadier Mollina next year.

10. Ryan Doumit, Minnesota Twins
2011 Season: (with Pirates, 77 Games) .303AVG/ 8HR/ 30RBI/ 17RUNS/ .353OBP/ .830OPS
Summary: If he stays healthy he will have outstanding numbers in 2012, and depending on Joe Mauer he will play the majority of games at catcher or the outfield. Either way he is a switch hitter and can play multiple positions. In the system of Twins manager Ron Gardenhire, he might be the answer for the injury bug that has plagued them in 2010 and in 2011.

The Leagues Best Closers:
Over the 2011 season it became eminent who the best closers in the league are because of their low ERA or their high save percentage. This list is a mixture of their career stats and their 2011 season. In the ninth inning, with the game on the line, who are you gonna choose?

1. Mariano Rivera, New York Yankees
2011 Season: 1-2, 1.91ERA, 60K, 8BB, 44SAVES (44-49), 61.1IP
Career Stats: 75-57, 2.21ERA, 1111K, 275K, 603SAVES, 1211.1IP

2. John Axford, Milwaukee Brewers
2011 Stats: 2-2, 1.95ERA, 86K, 25BB, 46SAVES (46-48), 73.2IP
Career Stats: 10-4, 2.26ERA, 171K, 58BB, 71SAVES, 139.1IP

3. Jose Valverde, Detroit Tigers
2011 Stats: 2-4, 2.24ERA, 69K, 34BB, 49SAVES (49-49), 72.1IP
Career Stats: 23-27, 3.02ERA, 602K, 221BB, 242SAVES, 521.1IP

4. Neftali Feliz, Texas Rangers
2011 Stats: 2-3, 2.74ERA, 54K, 30BB, 32SAVES (32-38), 62.1IP
Career Stats: 7-6, 2.55ERA, 164K, 56BB, 74SAVES, 162.2IP

5. Brian Wilson, San Franciso Giants
2011 Stats: 6-4, 3.11ERA, 54K, 31BB, 36SAVES (36-41), 55IP
Career Stats: 20-20, 3.17ERA, 338K, 140BB, 170SAVES, 318IP

6. Craig Kimbrel, Atlanta Braves
2011 Stats: 4-3, 2.10ERA, 127K, 32BB, 46SAVES (46-54), 77IP
Career Stats: 8-3, 1.75ERA, 167K, 48BB, 47SAVES, 97.2IP

7. Heath Bell, Miami Marlins
2011 Stats: 3-4, 2.44ERA, 51K, 21BB, 43SAVES (43-48), 62.2IP
Career Stats: 28-24, 3.06ERA, 494K, 161BB, 134SAVES, 482IP

8. Jonathan Papelbon, Philadelphia Phillies
2011 Stats: 4-1, 2.94ERA, 87K, 10BB, 31SAVES (31-34), 64.1IP
Career Stats: 23-19, 2.33ERA, 509K, 115BB, 219SAVES, 429.1IP

9. JJ Putz, Arizona Diamondbacks
2011 Stats: 2-2, 2.17ERA, 61K,12BB, 45SAVES (45-49), 58IP
Career Stats: 32-26, 3.06ERA, 482K, 150BB, 151SAVES, 464.1IP

10. Joel Hanrahan, Pittsburg Pirates
2011 Stats: 1-4, 1.83ERA, 61K, 16BB, 40SAVES (40-44), 68.2IP
Career Stats: 17-15, 3.92ERA, 369K, 156BB, 60SAVES, 337.2IP


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