Baseball Stories

Welcome to the Baseball Stories section. In this section we will talk about interesting stories from the different eras of baseball. These men and these incredible events helped shape baseball into what it is today.

The Story of Joe Nuxhall

At the age of 15, Joseph Henry Nuxhall was the youngest baseball player to play in a major league game. World War II had created a player shortage so a 6 foot, 3 inch, 219 pound left-handed 9th grader was signed up by the Cincinnati Reds and with permission from his high school principal, Joe left school to be with the Reds on Opening Day in the spring of 1944. Joe pitched 2/3 of an inning for the Reds on June 10, 1944. He was 15 years, 316 days old.

The following year Joe stayed home to finish high school. He regained amateur status to play football, basketball and baseball as a senior in 1946, earning all-state honors in football and basketball. After high school Joe played in the minor leagues for 5 years before returning to the Reds in 1952. Joe retired from baseball in 1967 and began his second career as a Cincinnati Reds broadcaster. Joe retired from broadcasting in 2004, sixty years after his major league debut!

Read about Joe Nuxhall in the book, Joe: Rounding Third & Heading for Home

By Grace Stombres


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