Hall of Fame Voting

The job of the Hall of Fame is to tell the story of the history of baseball, the records, players, fans, or the bad: the cheating, the betting, the racism, and the steroids. The crop of players on the ballot this year include notables, some linked to steroids and some who are not, such as Mark McGwire, Larry Walker, Rafael Palmeiro, Craig Biggio, Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens, Mike Piazza, and Sammy Sosa. To be inducted into the Hall of Fame, one must have his name on 75% of the ballots casted. All indications conclude that there will be no inductees into the Hall of Fame for 2013, the first time since 1996 that there will be no one inducted.

In American law you are innocent until proven guilty; In baseball, you are guilty until proven innocent.

The Hall of Fame is a museum and its job is to preserve the history of baseball. It is our job as fans of baseball to interpret each and every player and tell his story of how and why he deserves to be in the Hall. The steroid hunt is the 21st century witch-hunt and the view of the media and the people is when one man has big arms hitting home runs, he must’ve been doing steroids– If he has a bad year after that he must be off of them. Jose Bautista hit 54 home runs in 2010 and the first thing that came into everyone’s mind was “Well, he must be juicing. He must be cheating.” When in fact he changed his swing ever so slightly. Bet you didn’t think Melky Cabrera was going to be caught during the 2012 season, subsequently after he won the All- Star Game MVP award. There is no justice in baseball and what needs to be done is to take this era of players and vote them in accordingly and after all is said and done, move on and clean baseball and rid it of this awful epidemic that has taken over the purest of all sports.

The question here is why? Why are players such as Craig Biggio, Mike Piazza and Larry Walker placed into the category of the steroid Hall of Famers? Why does the greatest home run hitter of all time and arguably the greatest pitcher of all time have no future in this Hall of Fame process? The answer is simply this: Baseball is based on the principle of purity, if you can’t play by the rules there is no mercy and sadly for Piazza, Biggio, and Walker, they are stuck in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Would it be good or bad for baseball to ignore steroids all together and take these stats, tainted or not, and enshrine these men into the Hall of Fame? Should there be an “asterisk” next to the name of anybody suspected of steroid use? The words “linked”, “accused”, “suspected”, are all terms we have heard for so long and the time is finally now to settle this argument once and for all. Have these men been positively identified as steroid users, and thusly, did the steroids improve their statistics. Until one of these players has been proven guilty of these offenses, in my book, they are clear to be voted in and have no restrictions in doing so. On the other hand, players such as Alex Rodriguez, who has come out and said that he had taken steroids and Manny Ramirez, who has been punished for his steroid use are not rightfully valuable of the highest honor in the game of baseball.

Take Pete Rose for example. He holds the record for the most hits of all time, 4256, and sadly he will never be in the hall of fame because he was caught cheating. He knowingly broke the rules of baseball and fixed games for the betterment of himself. The argument that I am making here is that he knowingly broke the rules of baseball; he was KNOWINGLY doing something wrong that changed the outcome of the game. Just because everyone was doing steroids doesn’t make it right and just because Major League Baseball wasn’t doing a damn thing about it doesn’t make it right either. They knew, and they didn’t care. Ratings were up and the popularity of baseball had skyrocketed during the “Steroid Era” and now look what it has done. The purest of all games and the purest of all the Hall of Fames is at a crossroad and who is it up to now to fix. What does the Hall of Fame mean if the all-time home run king and a 7-time CY Young award winner do not get elected in? You tell me.


4 thoughts on “Hall of Fame Voting

  1. Can’t explain why Biggio and Walker are tied to steroid, but Piazza has long had suspicions surrounding him. Do a google search for “piazza back acne” and you’ll see tons of evidence, anecdotal admittedly, about Piazza using steroids such as this good article: http://www.murraychass.com/?p=555

    • There will always be ties to him no matter what. But, he is considered to be the best hitting catcher of all time. That should mean something to the voters. What do you think about Bonds and Clemens… They haven’t had anything proven towards them. Think they will ever get in?

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